Are there any way to execute same program multiple times?

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I made a code called save.m. I want to execute the program many times without pushing Run button. And I want to change the code a little bit. Are there any function to execute and change a matlab code?

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 14 Jun 2021
Um, you use a loop. This is a tool that allows you to execute the same code as many times as you wish.
But if you are changing the code each time, then no. You do NOT want to somehow programmatically change your code, saving the new function, then running it.
HOWEVER, good code would allow you to pass in whatever information you need, effectively changing the code on the fly, because your code will have been written to recognize the various parameters passed into it, and to know what to do with them.
How to do exactly what you want is impossible to know, since we cannot read your mind to know what you need to do. Essentially, you just need to learn sufficient skills in MATLAB to accomplish your goals.


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