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how to calculate texture parameters

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Johanna THAI
Johanna THAI on 10 Jun 2021
Answered: yanqi liu on 26 Nov 2021
I have to do image processing on a lot of MRI images. The aim is to do some texture analysis on a ROI.
I = imread('0003.jpg');
h = drawpolygon('FaceAlpha',0);
This program allows me to draw a ROI. How can I calculate the entropy, homogeneity, skewness, kurtosis of the ROI which I drew ?

Answers (2)

Ananya Tewari
Ananya Tewari on 2 Aug 2021
I understand you want to do analysis on a Region-of-Interest(ROI). We can create ROI objects, crop them and then proceed with analysing cropped ROIs individually. Refer to this answer to create ROI using freehand and cropping the ROI for further analysis.
Refer to the hyperlinks for calculating entropy, homogeneity, skewness and kurtosis

yanqi liu
yanqi liu on 26 Nov 2021
yes,sir,may be use graycomatrix、graycoprops to do texture analysis




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