How to choose wavelet family for EEG?

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Riheen on 21 Aug 2013
Hi, i am working on EEG signal processing using discrete wavelet transform.I am confused about how to a choose wavelet family for DWT as there are many wavelet families. Anybody please help.

Accepted Answer

Jan on 21 Aug 2013
For EEG feature exctraction one frequently chooses a wavelet family that yields decomposition results, roughly matching the classical EEG bands theta, alpha, beta, and gamma. This can be achieved by analyzing the center frequency of a Mother wavelet and the corresponding pseudo frequencies for the decomposition levels. For the classical bands a good match can be achieved using Dauchbechies' Order three wavelets and the decomposition levels two to five.
For more information look at the Matlab help on 'centfrq()' on this matter.

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