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Is my code for this question correct or not ?

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Rama a
Rama a on 7 Jun 2021
Find and sketch the signal y(t) which is the convolution of the two pairs if signals.
x = (exp(-2*t) - C*exp(-10*t)).*heaviside(t)
h = pi((t-B)/A)
syms taw t;
A = 3; B = 4; C = 4;
x = (exp(-2*taw) - C*exp(-10*taw)).*heaviside(taw); %input signal
h = rectangularPulse((t-B)-taw/A); %impulse response
conv= int (x*h, taw, -inf, inf ) %output signal
SimpleSolution = simplify(vpa(conv))
fplot( conv, [-2 12]);
title("the signal y(t) which is the convolution of x(t)and h(t)")

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