wavelet decomposition of a signal

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m on 18 Aug 2013
Commented: Afiqah Abu Samah on 15 Mar 2017
hi, i want to decompose a signal with wavelet in 5 subbands:
delta (0–4 Hz), theta (4–8 Hz), alpha (8–15 Hz), beta (15–30 Hz), and gamma (30–60 Hz) ,use db4"_
i found wavelet toolbox menu but cant use it,can you help me?

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Jan on 18 Aug 2013
Use wavedec() to calculate the wavelet decomposition and wenergy to extract the energie in the decomposition.
[C, L] = wavedec(signal, waveorder, wavekind);
[~, energies] = wenergy(C, L);
Note, that the wavelet deomposition in a specific decomposition level does not exactly represent an actual frequency band. This can be only done, using trigonometric functions for decomposition - however, in hat case you end up with the discrete Fourier transform.
However, you can calculate corresponding frequencies (i.e. pseudo frequencies) for a specific wavelet family and level of decomposition (look at centfrq() on that matter). If you carefully choose the wavelet family and wavelet order, you get a wavelet decomposition, that roughly corresponds to the desired bands.
For your use case, one would choose Daubechies order 3 Wavelets and six levels of decomposition. Then the decomposition levels 1 to 5 in reverse order should just about match the required bands:
L1: gamma, L2: beta, L3: alpha, L4: theta and L5: delta.
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Afiqah Abu Samah
Afiqah Abu Samah on 15 Mar 2017
Hi, I want to ask how to calculate the energy of 2-D wavelet decomposition. I know that function wenergy2 can be use, but I want to know how it can be calculated since I want to use single level 'dwt2' function and decompose the images level-by-level instead of using this; [C,S] = wavedec2(X,2,'bior3.7'). (I have my own reason why I need to decompose it like that)
If 'dwt2' is used, I can't calculate the energy using 'wenergy2' since I didn't know how to get the 'C' array.
Please help me, give me some ideas how to solve this.

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m on 18 Aug 2013
thanks jan for attention, i run your MATLAB command but i have a signal with 120hz and 23.6s and want to use db4 in 4 level , in your answer i cant understand who can i do it ?
(excuse me for my poor english!)

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