Reading a 5.0 mat file in c++

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River Rock
River Rock on 16 Aug 2013
Hi :)
How would you recommend me to read the contents of a 5.0 mat-file in c++?
I've found a mat.h file in matlabroot/extern/include, but I couldn't find the library.
I also want to do a personal implementation, but it seems that the mat file contains compressed data. Precisely, after the 128 byte header, there's 0f 00 00 00, which stands for gzip compressed data according to the documentaiton.

Answers (1)

River Rock
River Rock on 19 Aug 2013
The example found in /extern/examples/eng_mat/matdgns.c also generate errors, as I fail to link the static library
Using linux, if that helps


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