Two-Way repeated Measures Anova: Pairwise comparison of multiple factor levels using Multcompar

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deejt on 3 Jun 2021
Answered: Jeff Miller on 4 Jun 2021
I came across this example of Matlab Doc and was wondering about following.
Assuming, I have a repeated measures anova with two independent variables which have 3 factor levels. Now I would like to conduct a posthoc comparing each level against each other like so
T = multcompare(R,'Group','By','Gender')
I can see, that there is a significant difference between A and B. but how can I find out which one of these two facator levels is the one that is better? I mean, in a real life setting, the goal would be to say "treatment A is better than C for females". for example.
Thank you for your help!

Answers (1)

Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 4 Jun 2021
Go back to the original data and compute the means for each group of interest, so you can compare which group mean is higher.

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