problem of code of lsqnonlin GMM metrix.

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QINGYANG LUO on 29 May 2021
Answered: Swatantra Mahato on 7 Jul 2021
hi, I have problem of codes with lsqnonlin GMM metrix. I input the data with xlxs form. but it gaves me some errors, could you hepl me?

Answers (1)

Swatantra Mahato
Swatantra Mahato on 7 Jul 2021
Judging from the error message, it looks like the variable "congrothw" is not properly defined to use. The variable is present in "DATA.xls" in which you need to properly import it and set the values of the variables appropriately. You can refer the following documentation link to get started on using data from spreadsheets
Hope this helps


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