conversion double to array

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Muhammad on 27 May 2021
Commented: the cyclist on 27 May 2021
i have data in double format and i want that data in array format
inder 34*1 double
it should be in this format
inder {...................}
the cyclist
the cyclist on 27 May 2021
@Muhammad SULAMAN, it may seem to you that it is clear what you want, but it is not.
data {}
isn't meaningful MATLAB syntax in any way.
I'll reiterate @Geoff Hayes's suggestion that you give a small example -- using valid MATLAB syntax -- of what the input you have, and the output you want. (The input seems clear to me, but not the output.)
Also, see my solution. Is that what you want? If not, explain why.

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Accepted Answer

the cyclist
the cyclist on 27 May 2021
If you want your 34x1 double to be in a single cell of a cell array, then ...
inder = rand(34,1);
inderCell1 = {inder}
inderCell1 = 1×1 cell array
{34×1 double}
If you instead want a 34x1 cell array, where each element is in its own cell, then
inderCell34 = num2cell(inder)
inderCell34 = 34×1 cell array
{[0.2527]} {[0.0156]} {[0.7175]} {[0.2866]} {[0.1045]} {[0.6102]} {[0.1754]} {[0.0870]} {[0.8349]} {[0.4660]} {[0.8169]} {[0.7427]} {[0.4546]} {[0.5289]} {[0.4183]} {[0.2509]}

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