How can be a 3D model is obtained using multiple 2d images using matlab ?

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I want to construct a 3d model of a specific object by using multiple images of that object and providing camera positions for each of images for that i want to use the matlab. I want to develop a general code for it which accept the images and camera parameters for specific object and provide a 3D model of object which can provide the preview of the object from 360 degree.
I want the guide for the procedure ande how to obtain the camera position parameters from any image I Capture.

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Thomas on 4 Aug 2013
Hi Sam
I believe you are trying to solve the structure from motion (SfM) problem. Below is a link to a matlab toolbox containing popular computer vision algorithms that should get you started:
Good luck!
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Sam Bernice
Sam Bernice on 29 Jul 2020
Hi I have tried using the code above but I keep receiving the error No appropriate method, property, or field 'Intrinsics' for class cameraParameters'. What I should I do please?

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Rajitha de Silva
Rajitha de Silva on 29 Jun 2021
I found this to be very promising.
I am stuck in some errors in this. There's an open issue in github regarding this errors. Let me know if someone could make it work.

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