Not enough input arguments. length()

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Patrick Arraki
Patrick Arraki on 22 May 2021
I wrote a function that should execute a DFT. I know there is FFT, but it's a college job.I don't understand why length doesn't work for the best of me.mainly because it worked without any problems in previous functions.
Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
I googled and only found solutions to problems caused by misspellings.
Here is my code:
function[S] = DFT(s)
N = length(s); %<- thats what the error caused
X = 1:N;
for m = 1 : N
for k = 1 : N
X(m) = X(m) + s(k) * exp(-(1i*pi*2*k*m*(1/N)));
S(m) = X(m);
per isakson
per isakson on 22 May 2021
How did you call the DFT ? What was the value of s ?

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Answers (1)

Kiran Felix Robert
Kiran Felix Robert on 7 Jun 2021
Hi Partick,
Check the input argument when you call the DFT Function.
When you call from the command-line, provide sufficient input arguments.
On the Run button, use the extra options (type code to run) and provide proper input arguments to the function.
Try using a break point just after calling the function to debug the input argument data type.

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