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how do i print the list corresponding to different column

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I have 2 matrixes (280x1) and (3970x1). I keep getting an error message saying index exceeds matrix. How do I print newfile2 to match up with A (every other 11th cell)?
[nRows,~] = size (A);%size of A(31571x1)
for n=1:nRows
samp{n,1}=newfile2(n);%size of n 280x1
dpb on 29 Jul 2013
Say what???
Give a very short sample of only a few lines that demonstrates what you're trying to say. I've no klew and don't think Jan does, either... :)
The crystal ball is in the shop yet again... :(
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Jul 2013
If newfile2 is strings then you should not be indexing it as if it is a plain character array. newfile2(n) is not going to be the N'th string, it is going to be the N'th character. If newfile2 is a cell array of strings, then newfile2{n} would be the N'th string.

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