How can I plot this vector

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Osasu on 26 Jul 2013
I have a vibration data.
File name, y_average with value:
<40000 X 1 double>
Which code do I use to plot the signal with respect to time

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Youssef  Khmou
Youssef Khmou on 26 Jul 2013
hi, The data must also contains time data where a second vector or an by-2 matrix,
You can use plot function, plot(data)

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Muthu Annamalai
Muthu Annamalai on 26 Jul 2013
Hello @Osasu I recomment learing about MATLAB via tutorial,
I recommend you start your MATLAB journey with plot command
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Osasu on 26 Jul 2013
Thank you.I would find time to learn it but I just need to get this assignment done urgently. I just edited my question. Could you help please?

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