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Voltage Measurement block error

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How to remove this error: Input two of Voltage Measurement block Three-Phase V-I Measurement' is not properly connected to the network.
MD SAIF MALIK on 30 Nov 2019
can you please ellaborate sir, how you remove this error
Uttam Reddy Pailla
Uttam Reddy Pailla on 18 Jun 2021
Please let me know. Even i am facing the same issue

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Accepted Answer

dpb on 24 Jul 2013
Make the proper connection...
No can help w/o any other info--the message says the 2nd of the three inputs isn't actually connected to anything so the problem is upstream from there.

More Answers (5)

ARPAN MALKHANDI on 10 Jan 2018
Provide proper grounding of the source and the loads

lal mohammed
lal mohammed on 28 Apr 2015
i have a same problem with upfc ..can any 1 help me with this project!!

srinath r
srinath r on 30 Mar 2016
Voltage Measurement
if true
% code

amogha on 23 Jun 2016
Connect the load and ground it.

Nida Riaz
Nida Riaz on 16 Mar 2017
Hello; What is the main difference between UPFC (Phasor Model) and UPFC (Detailed Model)? Please Guide Me. Thank You

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