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How to check the weight and bias which taked by getLearnableParameters?

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PoHan Lu
PoHan Lu on 11 May 2021
% when I check the weight and bias use Engineering computer I get wrong anser
% I want to find the weight and bias of my agent
% I use the example "Train Reinforcement Learning Policy Using Custom Training Loop" and "getLearnableParameters(actor)"

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Emmanouil Tzorakoleftherakis
Can you provide some more details? What does 'wrong answer' mean? How do you know the weights you are seeing are not correct? Are you getting an error?
In any case, looking at your code I suspect that you are using the initial 'actor' variable as argument to 'getLearnableParameters'. After you complete training, you need to extract the updated actor first as shown on this doc page.
actor = getActor(agent);
params = getLearnableParameters(actor);

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