How to pass a value to TIMER function

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Feng on 21 Jul 2013
Hi, I would like to have the data I obtained from my NI daq board to show on my GUI window in real time while I can still run other things from the GUI. I tried the TIMER function, but not sure how to pass the value to the timer function. Any help and suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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dpb on 21 Jul 2013
Create a timer setting type and period initially...
rate=10; % a repetition rate
ht=timer('ExecutionMode','fixedrate', ...
'period', rate, ...
Set the rate later...
doc timer % for more details
Not sure how you're trying to do this; you might want a singleshot and restart it from the callback when you've got a new set of data; not sure...
dpb on 21 Jul 2013
Yeah, you have to follow the rules established for callback functions--see the docs for the timer object for details.
The basic idea is that if you specify the callback commands directly as the value of the callback function property w/ the callback an anonymous function the commands are evaluated in the MATLAB workspace.
OTOH, if instead of specifying MATLAB commands directly as the value of a callback property, when you create a callback function, the first two arguments must be a handle to the timer object and an event structure. Other application-specific arguments must be in a cell array and this function operates in its own space.
It's too involved a subject to try to repeat the help doc's here; read them in their entirety going through the examples of how to create/use callback functions.

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