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How can i do "code capture" in Simbiology of MATLAB 2020b version?

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Hi, I'm currently on a project to make a calculating doses GUI.
I need to link the GUI with the model in simbiology I've built. I've also searched how to do that and I saw the 'code capture' tools. Nevertheless, I couldn't find that in the current matlab version I used, please help where could I found these tools?

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Fulden Buyukozturk
Fulden Buyukozturk on 10 May 2021
The "code capture" tool is not available in the current version of SimBiolgy. However, you can see the MATLAB code behind each program by right clicking on the program and selecting "view program code". This would open the program code in MATLAB editor. Please see screenshot below.
You can also see documentation for examples on how run a SimBiology model from command-line here. You can start by loading the model from SimBiology project file to MATLAB workspace by using sbioloadproject.


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