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How to plot histogram of a given pdf

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For a given distribution fucntion of z pdf is defined as ,, where β is the beta fuction and m, are constant. How to plot it in histogram in matlab. Should I choosed Z randomly? How to plots its histogram.

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William Rose
William Rose on 7 May 2021
Here is a script that evaluates the density.
Are there restrictions on what the allowed values are for m?
Your formula gives density= at z=0. It gives complex numbers for z<0, for most values of m. That makes me wonder if the formula is really correct.
%WCR 2021-05-07
for i=1:length(z)
If you want a random sample, then you would need to know the inverse of the distribution function. The you could draw a random number, p, from U[0,1) and then find the inverse from the inverse distribution function. That is the z value corresponding to point p on the distribution. Do that many times. Then you can plot the histogram of the z values you have obtained. But you can't do any of that, because you do not have the inverse distribution function for this density.
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Sudhir Sahoo
Sudhir Sahoo on 7 May 2021
@William Rose Yes you are correct at z = 0 pdf is coming , for a positive value of m too. As this is a product distribution of where and . Thanks for your help and time.

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