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Usage of INS, GPS sensors and trajectories in 3D Unreal Engine Scenario (UAV Toolbox)

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I wanted to ask if it is possible to use INS and GPS sensors in the 3D Environment of the Unreal Engine.
I would need to have the following sensors in my simulation: camera, Lidar, INS and GPS.
From the online documentation it is not clear for me if INS and GPS sensors are available in the 3D Unreal Engine Environment.
Also i wanted to ask if you could set the UAV state in the 3D Unreal Engine Scenario for each simulation step. (state: position, velocity, rotation (euler angles))
Thanks in advance and with best regards

Answers (1)

Jianxin Sun
Jianxin Sun on 10 May 2021
Hi Felix,
For GPS sensor in Simulink, currently there is no out of box blocks for it. But you can create a MATLAB function block or MATLAB system block and use the gpsSensor object from MATLAB to simulate GPS sensor. Similarly you can use insSensor from MATLAB as well.
If you have access to Navigation Toolbox or Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox, you can use the INS block directly.
It requires the ground truth position and velocity of your UAV from UAV plant model to simulate these GPS and INS sensor. You should be able to simulate them in parallel with the Unreal Engine Scenario.
You can set the UAV state in Unreal Engine Scenario for each simulation step using Simulation 3D UAV Vehicle block and Simulation 3D Configuration block with sample time setting that matches your simulation step size.




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