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Is it possible to use Vehicle Network Toolbox with intrepid (vehicle spy) software?

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jose david Marzuca lozano
jose david Marzuca lozano on 26 Apr 2021
Answered: Siddhant Dange on 16 Jul 2021
From the documentation I can see that Intrepid Hardware is not supported for Vehicle Network Toolbox. But is it possible to have a Virtual CAN bus as an input in Vehicle Spy? This way, Vehicle Spy would actually be transmitting the values, but they would be generated from a Simulink Model.

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Siddhant Dange
Siddhant Dange on 16 Jul 2021
Hello Jose,
Unfortunately, Vehicle Spy does not support any other vendors than the ones provided by Intrepid Control Networks: So, I do not believe you can create a virtual channel using any of our supported vendors (MathWorks, Kvaser or Vector) in Vehicle Spy.
Additionally, I am assuming you are trying to use the MathWorks Virtual Channels. These channels cannot be used outside of a single session of MATLAB or Simulink i.e. you cannot connect to a MathWorks Virtual Channel except in the session you are running it in:
Hope that helps,

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