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convert double .mat file to struct with time

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SOUAG Noureddine
SOUAG Noureddine on 26 Apr 2021
Commented: SOUAG Noureddine on 26 Apr 2021
Hello all,
I have a mat file containing many variables : example
ans =
1392070 2
here the current is a matrix (n=1392070 , m=2) ,1392070x2 double , the first colunm represents time values and the second one is the values .
the mat file cFor structure format, use the following kind of structure:
Please i want an example of code of conversion , form example if we have 10 variables inside the mat file .
Best Regards
SOUAG Noureddine
SOUAG Noureddine on 26 Apr 2021
i want to obtain this format ;
for example
struct with fields:
time: [21×1 double]
signals: [1×1 struct]

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