Out of memory gather()

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Maxim Rozhkov
Maxim Rozhkov on 23 Apr 2021
Answered: neal paze on 1 Sep 2021
I am reading the documentation on this topic Deep Learning Denoise. After this line my computer is not responding.
[targets,predictors] = gather(targets,predictors);
Error: Out of memory.
I change number of dataset in this line to 300 and all works good
adsTrain = audioDatastore(fullfile(dataFolder,'train'),'IncludeSubfolders',true);
reduceDataset = true;
if reduceDataset
adsTrain = shuffle(adsTrain);
adsTrain = subset(adsTrain,1:1000); % to 300
but sometimes i get this Error.
How can I examine the entire dataset if it is really big (87000 files). Or at least 1000. I read the documentation about gather (), but I still don't understand how to get around this Error.

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jibrahim on 23 Apr 2021
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Maxim Rozhkov
Maxim Rozhkov on 24 Apr 2021
jibrahim, thank you

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neal paze
neal paze on 1 Sep 2021
I also have a problem of gather in this document. Have you solved your problem? Can you share how to modify this line of code?

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