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Error using ros2bag

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Niklas Dörr
Niklas Dörr on 20 Apr 2021
Answered: Niklas Dörr on 20 Apr 2021
As I try to read a database i created using ros2 bag in my linux vm using the point msg type. I always get this error:
Ensure that MATLAB has read/write permissions for the folder, the YAML file is
correctly formatted, and the bag file is not corrupted.
I checked all the file attributes and I have every permission needed. And the YAML file is also correct.The bag could be corrupted as it sais but i dont think so because i tried so many different bags and this one was even created by using a matlab publisher with a point msg and the recording it in the linux vm.

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Niklas Dörr
Niklas Dörr on 20 Apr 2021
You have to use ros dashing to create the ros bag. For me it didnt work because i used eloquent probably because it is to old.




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