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Ricardo Rene Cachu Castillo
Answered: Rik on 19 Apr 2021
Hello, I want to integrate matlab with the api of power nasa. I search but I didn'f find information.
The link is this
I want to put the data in a matrix, so if someone know how tell me please.
Thank you.

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Rik on 19 Apr 2021
You're in luck: NASA decided to provide the data in JSON, and Matlab can parse that JSON output for you:
ans = struct with fields:
api_version: '1.1.0' fillValue: '-999' range: '30-year Meteorological and Solar Monthly & Annual Climatologies (January 1984 - December 2013), 22-year Additional Solar Parameter Monthly & Annual Climatologies (July 1983 - June 2005)' title: 'NASA/POWER SRB/MERRA2 0.5 x 0.5 Degree Climatologies'

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