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Block to C-code highlighting in Simulink Embedded coder

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Hi, I recently upgraded from Matlab 2020b to 2021a.
I noticed that the block to C-code highlighting stopped working after the upgrade, and I was wondering how I can re-enable this feature as it was quite helpful.
What I mean by 'block to C-code highlighting':
After you build your C-code from a Simulink model (either via the 'Deploy to Hardware' button or via the Embedded coder app) you can click on 'View Code' under the 'C Code' tab in Simulink. This will then open the exported C code on the right side of the Simulink window. If you now click on a block in Simulink, all parts of the code that are a result of this block will be highlighted.
See the attached screenshot for an example (running under Matlab 2020b):
After the upgrade to Matlab 2021a, and without changing any settings, the feature stopped working.
I have checked the relevant options under Settings (although they were not necessary under 2020a to have this feature), see the second screenshot:
Can anyone help me re-enable it?
With best regards, Michael.

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