Communication between C++ and Matlab

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Thomas Pallacci
Thomas Pallacci on 13 Apr 2021
Answered: Mario Malic on 13 Apr 2021
I need to call some Matlab Functions from a C++ dll. This dll is loaded by an external software. I've tried to use the Matlab Engine, but it doesn't work. Indeed, both the external software and Matlab need to load some dlls (from their own folders) having the same name, but different dimensions. According to the Technical Support I should open two different processes and establish an inter-process communication. Now, I wonder which kind of communication strategy I should use. Maybe I could open Matlab as COM Automation server, but I don’t know how, since on the Mathwork site there are no examples. Can someone suggest some ideas or some simple examples?
Thank you for your time

Answers (1)

Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 13 Apr 2021
Scroll down the input arguments, there's an automation option



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