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image labeling algorithm by steve

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mangood UK
mangood UK on 19 Jun 2013
i have read tutorial about image labeling by Steve
,i decide to implement this algorithm that he explained here by Steve
i just need to know how to connect each runs
if i have starting index and run length of each runs
how to now that run1 connect with run2 and give lable to them
and so on ....
plase any help


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Answers (1)

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 19 Jun 2013
What's wrong with bwlabel or bwconncomp?
doc bwlabel


mangood UK
mangood UK on 19 Jun 2013
more explain please as i want to implment by code rather than by function
mangood UK
mangood UK on 19 Jun 2013
the matlab help say
Run-length encode the input image.
Scan the runs, assigning preliminary labels and recording label equivalences in a local equivalence table.
Resolve the equivalence classes.
Relabel the runs based on the resolved equivalence classes.
can any give to us simple example to understand the algorithem??

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