How to import several csv files (Nan,numeric,text) for operate with them after

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I want to import several csv files in matlab (each one for one streamflow station) where I have seasonal flows.This the structure of the each csv is the following:
I am trying to do in several ways but without success:
This the first way I tried:
% Get an array of all files
basepath = 'C:\Users\salonsov\Desktop\Results_lowflows\seasons';
files = dir(fullfile(basepath, '*.csv'));
% Pre-allocate data storage
data = cell(size(files));
% Import each file using it's filename
for k = 1:numel(files)
data{k} = csvimport(fullfile(basepath, files(k).name));
My I go the error that Unrecognized function or variable 'csvimport'.
I have also tried using csvread instead of csvimport, but I have an error because my data has NaN values.
I have tried also with read.table, but I cannot save the files in a cell.
After importing the csv files, I want to loop over them to perform some operations.
What is it the best way to import csv files and after operate with them in matlab?

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Accepted Answer

Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes on 6 Apr 2021
I suggest readtable.

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Stephen23 on 8 Apr 2021
"I want the cells to be rename because I want to know to which station corresponds the data in each cell. As you can see I could import the data, but now I am not sure how to know at which station corresponds each cell data."
A simpler, neater, more efficient solution is to use the structure returned by DIR:
P = 'C:\Users\salonsov\Desktop\Results_lowflows\seasons';
S = dir(fullfile(P, '*.csv'));
for k = 1:numel(S)
F = fullfile(P, S(k).name);
S(k).data = csvimport(F); % or READTABLE or whatever.
Take a look in the structure S: it contains all of your file data and the corresponding filenames, just as you require.
For example, the 2nd filename and its data:
Accessing and processing this will be much simpler than messing around with dynamically named variables.

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