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UAV Toolbox Guidance Model block has mask callback that modifies model at compile time, which prohibits multi-instance model reference

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UAV Toolbox Guidance Model block, doc link: Reduced-order model for UAV - Simulink (, consists mask callbacks that perform tasks such as bus object creation according to UAV type & data type. This poses problem in situations such as the one in the attachment, where ChildMdl.slx containing this block is being refered twice in the ParentMdl.slx, i.e. multi-instance of the child model under the same parent model. Try to run ParentMdl.slx and see the error message:
The model 'ChildMdl' has changed between the time when two instances of this model were compiled. This is not allowed for models referenced in Normal Mode.
I tried to completely dismantle the mask of this block, however, this error message persists. It is potentially due to the inner mask on top of the ComputeDerivative & StateVector2Struct system object. Does anybody know any workaround?

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Jianxin Sun
Jianxin Sun on 6 Apr 2021
Hi Zhang,
Thanks for bringing up this issue. You can try a few workarounds:
  1. You can change the model reference block's simulation mode to accelerator mode. Check the doc page for reference.
set_param('ParentMdl/UAV1', 'SimulationMode', 'Accelerator');
set_param('ParentMdl/UAV2', 'SimulationMode', 'Accelerator');
This should let you simulate from parent model.
2. Alternatively, you can use the fixedwing MATLAB API in a MATLAB function block. This should let you compute the derivatives of the equation of motion. You can then use integrator block to get the UAV state.
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Yingao Zhang
Yingao Zhang on 6 Apr 2021
Hi, Jianxin, Thanks for your brilliant idea. I actually translated the block into S-function using embedded coder as workaround. Which is functionally the same as accelerator run. Cheers!

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