passing parameters to python script on raspberry pi4

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I have a script on raspberry pi4 that controls a stepper motor using rpimotorlib. i can call the script from matlab using 'system' but i do not know the syntax to pass parameters used in the script:
from RpiMotorLib import RpiMotorLib
#define GPIO pins
#motor pin
GPIO_pins = (25,8,7) # Microstep Resolution MS1-MS3 -> GPIO Pin
direction= 20 # Direction Pin,
step = 21 # Step Pin
distance = 200 # Default move 1mm => 80 steps per mm
# Declare an named instance of class pass GPIO pins numbers
mymotortest = RpiMotorLib.A4988Nema(direction, step, GPIO_pins, "A4988")
mymotortest.motor_go(False, "Full" , distance, 0.01 , False, .05)

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Swetha Polemoni
Swetha Polemoni on 20 Apr 2021
This might help you.
system(['python filedirectory/ parm1 parm2']);
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Ran Zeimer
Ran Zeimer on 20 Apr 2021
This a helpful first start
now i need to format the python script to accept the parameters

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