Index exceeds matrix dimensions. Error in RandomSelection (line 9) xx=r(1:numOfBits);

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function [xx]=RandomSelection(numOfBits,max)
% This function generates unrepeated random numbers ranges from 1 to max
% x1=0;
xx= zeros(1, numOfBits);
r = randperm(max);

Answers (1)

Esen Ozbay
Esen Ozbay on 30 Mar 2021
You will get this error if numOfBits is greater than max.
For example, if max = 5 and numOfBits = 7, then r will be a 1x5 vector and you will try to access the seventh element of a 5-element array.
By the way, the line
xx= zeros(1, numOfBits);
is not necessary since you are redefining xx below.




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