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How to extract envelope from a sine wave signal?

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I have this data signal that has an envelope over it that I want to extract that envelope and apply the envelope onto another signal data. How do I do that? Is that possible? Can anyone show me an example of this? I am quite lost at how to code it.
Please help out. Thank you in advance!
KSSV on 29 Mar 2021
There is a function called envelope. Read about this.
Anis Fatini Abdul Aziz
Anis Fatini Abdul Aziz on 11 Apr 2021
I have read on it. I think I understand on how to extract the envelope. Next question is once I got the envelope, how can I apply the extracted envelope (let's say signal A) to another signal (signal B)?

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Answers (1)

Swetha Polemoni
Swetha Polemoni on 1 Apr 2021
You can use the function "envelope" to serve the purpose. You may find the doumentation Envelope Extraction useful.

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