How to convert a vector to be a string

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I'm trying to convert a vector to be a string. for example
[1,2,3,4] -> "[1,2,3,4]"
so I did write this func
function [output] = make_string(arr)
output ={};
for i=1:length(arr)
output{end+1} = strcat('[',num2str(arr{i}),']');
but unfortunately, it takes a lot of computing time and my script became really slow. So is there any other solution?
thanks a lot in advance

Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 28 Mar 2021
ans = "[1 2 3 4 5]"

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Ken Garrard
Ken Garrard on 28 Mar 2021
You don't need a cell array for this problem and your make_string function has errors. See doc 'cell arrays'.
If you want a comma between the values in the output string you can use the sprintf function.
s = ['[' sprintf('%g, ',A(1:end-1)) sprintf('%g]',A(end))];
This is also about 40% faster than mat2str.
Stephen23 on 28 Mar 2021
"what do you recommend to do?"
Exactly like I wrote in my last comment, I reccomend that you give more details of what you are currently doing, so that someone can help you. If you do not give example code, we cannot guess exactly what you are doing.

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