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i am tried from segmentation plaese help

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mangood UK
mangood UK on 9 Jun 2013
hi i have robot with camera that is perpendicular to ground
i have problem with segmentation
the light is vary effect on result
i am tried from testing many algorithms
please guide me


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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 10 Jun 2013
Contact a machine vision vendor or your robot vendor, and get a portable illumination system that works better. After that, you can still do corrections on it possibly. Upload a new image with the new illumination system so we can see it. It's always a lot better to start with the best image you can rather than to try to fix a bad image.

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mangood UK
mangood UK on 10 Jun 2013
dear image
as robot navigate with its environments the light in environments change
i ask one quesition
how did the Xbox or Sony game company solve the problem of iteration the human with the game???
i think the solution to my problem is study advance segmentation algorithm as robot work in high and medium light
image analyst as your experience in image what is the segmentation algorithms that didn't affect by light change or its famous in robot so at least i will read and learn it

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