Term frequency for strings with a given vector

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Ryan on 8 Jun 2013
Hello, I am interested in finding the occurrence of terms with a unique vector already given. Suppose I have the vector
A = {'DI','FI','IM','MI'}
and then another vector B
B = {'MI','IM','MI'}
B is a bi-gram of the name MIMI. I then want to find the occurrence of the terms in B given A, so this would return a vector C
C = [0,0,1,2]
How would I do this in Matlab? Efficiency is also important because I will have to do this for many names. At first I was just using ismember but that was because I didn't have repeating sub-sequences of strings. Thank you in advance!

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 8 Jun 2013
A = {'DI','FI','IM','MI'}
B = {'MI','IM','MI'}
cellfun(@(x) sum(ismember(B,x)),A)

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