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How to change the input data/built in code for Matlab's Regression CNN example'??

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I've been using the in built 'digitTrain4DArray' and 'digitTest4DArray' to train my own regression network, by replacing my own training images and validation images in the folder that these two commands pull from. In the original example, there are also 2 excel files that was used, 'digitTrain' and 'digitTest', which had both predictors (images and digits) and response (angle of rotation). I've collected numerical validation data of 'true' values to replace 'digitTest' (I believe this is right?), but I'm not sure what to do about replacing 'digitTrain'. My supervisor has said that I don't need any numerical data such as 'digitTrain', and that I can alter the built-in code to train the network with simply my training images, and comparing these against the validation images/values will be enough.
I've looked at the relevant codes and 'digitTrain4DArrayData' is dependent on converting a .csv file into a 4D array. Is there any way I can remove the numerical vector 'digitTrain', and just train using my images?
Sorry for the paragraph, would really appreciate some help, I'm quite confused a fairly stressed about this!
Mahesh Taparia
Mahesh Taparia on 31 Mar 2021
Can you tell what you want to do? Are you using digitTrain4DArrayData or other dataset?
Sho Wright
Sho Wright on 6 Apr 2021
Hi Mahesh,
I have resolved the problem. I've replaced the 'digit' dataset in the file path for digitTrain4DArray with my own now. At the time of writing this question, I was really confused because I did not know what my numerical training data should be. I then realised that my training data should be collected the same as my validation data, as I'm doing supervised learning. It really was a silly moment!
Many thanks for the response

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