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Distorted (Crayon-like) Graph Colour

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Onn Wah Lee
Onn Wah Lee on 26 Mar 2021
Answered: George Tucker on 18 Mar 2022
The graph that I plotted using the following line looks like crayon.
The colour is fine when I plot random stuff e.g. plot(rand(10)).
Your help is deeply appreciated.
darova on 26 Mar 2021
What kind of help is needed?
Onn Wah Lee
Onn Wah Lee on 29 Mar 2021
Hi @darova, I want the colour to look normal instead of crayon-like. Any setting or code that I can adjust so that the graph doesnt look pixelate?

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Answers (3)

Chidvi Modala
Chidvi Modala on 30 Mar 2021
The graph color is based on the value you set for the property 'Color'. Based on the given information, you are setting your 'Color' property to a variable (c_inc,:). You can set the 'Color' property to [1 0 0] for red color. You may refer to the 'Color' property in the below link
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Onn Wah Lee
Onn Wah Lee on 20 May 2021
Thank you for your answer Chidvi. I reckoned the problem is with my dataset, and not the color setting. Even if I use [1 0 0], the colour is still crayon-like.

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darova on 22 May 2021
Try linesmoothing
x = 0:10;
y = sin(x);
more information: LINK

George Tucker
George Tucker on 18 Mar 2022
I had a similar problem with slightly noisy data. It was mostly solved by setting the custom renderer of the figure to painters: (In the figure window: File>Export setup>Rendering>Tick custom renderer>Dropdown select painters (vector format) if its not the default.)


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