How can I grab the contour lines into a new figure ?

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I am using contour function to get the contour lines from an image. Now I'd pretend to get only the contour lines created before to make a new image.
I am using [C,h]=contour(a,[0 0]); I have C - ContourMatrix and h - handler.
How can I create a new image (only contour lines) with this C and h ??
Thanks in Advance Mike

Accepted Answer

Kelly Kearney
Kelly Kearney on 7 Jun 2013
Easiest way: download contourcs, which will parse the C matrix for you.
a = peaks;
C = contourcs(a, [0 0]);
xy = {C.X; C.Y};

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Angus on 7 Jun 2013
Try checking out ContourMatrix.
"ContourMatrix is also a read-only contourgroup property that you can obtain from the returned handle." -- matlab docs
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Uni on 8 Jun 2013
you mean I should rearrange my C variable from contour function to get the new image ?

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