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Finding average of matrix elements within a specified window

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So I am trying to clean some plots up and I think I can do so if I had a function which took in some matrix A and returned a new matrix B which is the average of the elements of A within a window of size 2nx2m (looks at n neighbors to right and left as well as m on top and bottom).
M = movmean(A,k) seems to be close to what I want, but the window seems to be restricted to a row and I really want all neighbors within a specified window. I can code this myself, but it might be kindof tediuos worrying about the edge of a matrix. Is there a Matlab function which can do this for me?

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Swetha Polemoni
Swetha Polemoni on 29 Mar 2021
You might find this file exchange, Moving Average Filter (2D) useful.

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