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Feature Request: UAV Animation block, https://ww​w.mathwork​​/uav/ref/u​avanimatio​n.html

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I'm using the UAV Toolbox UAV Animation block for visualizing Multi-UAV coordination algorithms. I would like to request the following feature upgrades:
  • Visualize multiple UAVs on a single figure from multiple block instances under the same Simulink model, instead of creating an individual figure for every single Animation block instance.
  • Allow user-defined .stl geometries to replace current twin of 'multirotor.stl' vs 'fixedwing.stl'.
  • Allow user-defined patching color of the .stl geometry.

Accepted Answer

Jianxin Sun
Jianxin Sun on 25 Mar 2021
Hi Yingao,
Thank you for your interest in this feature. This is something our development team is aware of and is considering. This feedback is useful and we hope to address it in an upcoming release.
Depending on how your model is setup, you might be able to use the uavScenario MATLAB API for simulation and visualization of multiple UAVs.

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