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How to implement YOLO in unreal scene(customized USCityBlock) in Simulink?

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I create a customized scene in unreal engine by adding some cars in the USCityBlock scene, and I want to achieve a car detection by using YOLO detector with the camera mounted on a fixedwing UAV.
This is part of my model.
In the "object detect" function I tried to use the 'vehicleDetectorYOLOv2'
But when I run my model, it doesn't show the bounding box when there is a car. And the speed of running become really slow.
Here is the scene:
What should I do?

Accepted Answer

Birju Patel
Birju Patel on 17 Mar 2021
The vehicleDetectorYOLOv2 does not support vehicle detection from a bird's-eye-view. It only supports vehicle detection from cameras mounted inside ground vehicles as shown in this example:
For UAV applications, I suggest training a custom YOLO v2 object detector.
With regards the performance being slow, your object detection function is loading the detector from disk for every frame. Make your detector persistent to ensure that data is only loaded once:
persistent detector;
if isempty(detector)
detector = vehicleDetectorYOLOv2();

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