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How to evaluate an algebraic expression at a certain point when it is in a matrix?

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In the below expressions:
syms x1 x2 H f
xs = [1 1];
f = (12*x1^3 - 20*x1^3*x2^2 + 6*x2^2 + x1^2 +9);
H = hessian(f);
So the term H(1,1) would be a symbolic with a value (- 120*x1*x2^2 + 72*x1 + 2)
What is the simplest way to calculate the value of this expression at a point, say (x1,x2) = (1,2) ?

Accepted Answer

ANKUR KUMAR on 15 Mar 2021
You can use matlabFunction to create an anonymous function, which will eventually help to calcuate the values at specific x1 and x2.
syms x1 x2 H f
xs = [1 1];
f1 = (12*x1^3 - 20*x1^3*x2^2 + 6*x2^2 + x1^2 +9);

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