matrix inverse, swap columns and rows

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Hello, I have a matrix A as below and I have some problem with completing the steps below.
A = randi([-10,10],5,10)
I have to do:
1.swap the first line/row with the third one
2.swap the columns: second with fourth, sixth with eighth and the tenth with the first
3.using the empty matrix concept [] remove the fifth, sixth and tenth columns.
Thanks in advance!!!
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 12 Mar 2021
This sounds like a homework assignment. If it is, show us the code you've written to try to solve the problem and ask a specific question about where you're having difficulty and we may be able to provide some guidance.
If you aren't sure where to start because you're not familiar with how to write MATLAB code, I suggest you start with the MATLAB Onramp tutorial ( to quickly learn the essentials of MATLAB.
If you aren't sure where to start because you're not familiar with the mathematics you'll need to solve the problem, I recommend asking your professor and/or teaching assistant for help.

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Accepted Answer

ANKUR KUMAR on 12 Mar 2021
This looks like a homework problem. Here are some hints you can use it:
A = randi([-10,10],5,10)
%for swapping rows
A([1 2],:)=A([2 1],:);
% for swapping columns
% removing columns

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