Import algorithm from Lidar Labeler to Ground Truth Labeler

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While working on Labeling Lidar data, I discovered the lidar labeler and the ground truth labeler. I am trying to import the Lidar Object tracker algorithm from the Lidar labeler in Lidar toolbox to the ground truth labeler in the computer vision toolbox.

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Raynier Suresh
Raynier Suresh on 17 Mar 2021
Edited: Raynier Suresh on 17 Mar 2021
Hi, Currently it is not possible to import an algorithm from lidar labeler to the ground truth labeler, instead you can create your own algorithm and import it to any labeler app. To know more about this you can refer the below links.
Both Lidar Labeler and Ground Truth Labeler can generate ground truth for lidar Point Clouds, if you could explain why you want to use Ground Truth Labeler instead of Lidar Labeler will help me to provide a better solution.

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