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Can't navigate to code in Simulink Coder

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Good day to you,
I've been following a tutorial for the Requirements and Simulink Coder perspectives ( ) but I seem to be unable to follow it to the letter. I am using Matlab 2020b and whenever I click on the Generate and Build Model from the Simulink Coder perspective, the System returns an incomplete report compared to the one in the video, missing Static Code Metrics Report and several other options. Additionally, though the code seems to have been created by the Coder, I can't seem to locate either a "Code" tab from the Coder perspective (which should be next to Properties), nor can I find the "Navigate To Code" option from the Requirements perspective. Am I missing some addons? Or is it an issue with newer versions of Matlab?

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Chidvi Modala
Chidvi Modala on 8 Mar 2021
The tutorial refers to earlier MATLAB versions. From MATLAB R2019b, the Simulink toolstrip has replaced the main menu bar as the main menu system for simulink model based design. The Statics code metrics report is generated when you select Generate Traceability Report in the Configuration Parameters dialog box. To enable C Code tab, you can perform the following operations
  1. In the Modeling tab of the model toolstrip, click Model Settings. The Configuration Parameters dialog opens. Navigate to the Code Generation tab, select the Generate code only parameter, and click Apply.
  2. In the Apps gallery, click Simulink Coder. The C Code tab appears.
For more information on Updated Simulink toolstrip, you may refer to Simulink Toolstrip section under Simulink Editor in this release notes
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Samuel Gimmel
Samuel Gimmel on 1 Jun 2021
Thanks for your answer.
I applied the Generate cod only parameter, but still got no C Code section. Is there an other solution?
Kind Regards

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