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Date formats 'uuuu' vs 'yyyy', 'mm' vs 'MM'

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John Taylor
John Taylor on 4 Mar 2021
Commented: John Taylor on 4 Mar 2021
Can anyone explain to me when to use "uuuu" for years, upper or lower case for m month?
'dd/mm/yyyy HH:MM'
'dd/MM/uuuu HH:mm'
for '14/03/2021 07:30' (14th of March 2021 at 7.30am)
Some functions seem to use one format and others the other one. Every time I try with one, it's the other one.
Is there a certain logic behind this?

Accepted Answer

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 4 Mar 2021
Edited: Adam Danz on 4 Mar 2021
The confusion is warranted and due to inconsistencies in Matlab's date-time formats.
datetime format uses MM/mm for months/minutes but datestr, datenum, and datevec use mm/MM for months/minutes. A recent comment in the forum highlights how difficult it is to detect the error caused by using the wrong case in datetime values.
Learn about uuuu/yyyy in the documentation.
  • u, uu, etc are ISO years which are negative for BCE years.
  • y, yy, etc are regular years (better term than regular?)
datetime('today','format','yyyy-MM-dd G') - years(3000)
ans = datetime
0980-03-04 BCE
datetime('today','format','uuuu-MM-dd G') - years(3000)
ans = datetime
-0979-03-04 BCE
John Taylor
John Taylor on 4 Mar 2021
Great explaination! thank you so much

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