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Is it possible to extract data from an external plot?

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My question is simple, I have a motor performance curve (I'll add the fig for reference), which was obtained from the motor datasheet, I don't have more data or information, just the image. Is it possible to extract the data from this curve and create a matrix or some kind of variable with MATALB?
Thanks to all for your help!

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Ananya Tewari
Ananya Tewari on 25 Mar 2021
The curve provided above contains specific colors, using image analysis to create a plot can help getting the desired answer. Following is one of the possible ways of doing it:
  • Read the image to MATLAB workspace using imread()
  • Extract the individual channels of the image using imsplit()
  • Using Image Viewer from Toolstrip under Apps, find the shift in the coordinate system and transform the coordinates of the channels accordingly.
Refer to this answer for more informaion on extracting coordinates from an image.


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