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Choosing parameters within the Supercapacitor Model in SimPower Systems/Electric Drives

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Ashley on 16 May 2013
Answered: Joel Van Sickel on 11 Dec 2020
I am trying to model a Supercapacitor bank using the model in SimPower Systems/Electric Drives (R2013a). The capacacitor bank I'm modelling has 35 supercapacitors connected in series so within the parameters I added 35 into the number of series capacitors (and 1 into the number of parallel capacitors). I then proceeded to add the rest of the parameters, such as rated voltage, for the single capacitor (as opposed to the whole bank of 35) as this seems to be the correct thing to do. When monitoring the voltage across the capacitor during discharge though it seems to take the value of the single capacitor. Any ideas on how I should set these parameters? Should it be based upon a single capacitor or the whole bank of 35 in series?
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Kumar on 6 Jun 2013
Hi Ashley, This is not an answer but just a comment that might help. I am assuming that this line "When monitoring the voltage across the capacitor during discharge" means that you are measuring the voltage across only one capacitor. If this is true you will observe only one capacitor value. Since, voltages across parallel elements tend to be the same.
If I want to measure the voltage across the bank, I will connect the positive end of the voltmeter to the positive end of the first capacitor and the negative end to the negative end of the final capacitor in the bank.
Hope this helps.
Regards, Kumar

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 11 Dec 2020
Unfortunately, the documentaiton doesn't do a good job of explaining this. The voltage, is the voltage of the supercapicotr as a whole.

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