Font size problem in 2-D plots

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ulas im
ulas im on 16 May 2013
Dear users
i am using R2012b in a Linux machine and i have problems changing the font size of texts in plots (title, axis, labels etc...). Whatever size i define, the default size is being plotted. A part of the code is given below where i define those:
... xlabel('Months','FontSize',20); unit=unitsSurf(spc,:); unit=strcat(unit); ylabel([nameObs,' (',unit,')'],'FontSize',20); ....
anyone has faced this problem before?
thanks in advance

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José-Luis on 16 May 2013
title(['\fontsize{20} Look Big' char(10) ...
'\fontsize{10} Look small' char(10) ...
'\fontsize{20} Mixed_{\fontsize{8} underscore}'],'interpreter','tex')
A variant thereof should work.
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ulas im
ulas im on 16 May 2013
i am doing the following but still get the same fontsize on the x label:
xlabel(['\fontsize{20} Days'],'interpreter','tex');
am i doing something wrong?
thank you

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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 16 May 2013
Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 17 May 2013
Have you read the linked question and answers? There is no MATLAB code that will fix your problem. There is most likely something wrong with your Linux install. MATLAB needs fonts from the X11 packages in order to display the font and change the font size. It is not clear to me if the packages need to be on the X server or X client and how they interact. Are you working directly on the cluster or are you using ssh with X forwarding or some sort of X for MS windows?

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