Whenever i open matlab i see following error message. I am also not able to draw graph in matlab due to this issue. I am using a debian machine with nvidia graphics card.

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This is the MATLAB error:
com.jogamp.opengl.GLException: X11GLXDrawableFactory - Could not initialize shared resources for X11GraphicsDevice[type .x11, connection :1, unitID 0, handle 0x0, owner false, ResourceToolkitLock[obj 0x5f72428a, isOwner false, <5219f6a5, 1e2957ef>[count 0, qsz 0, owner <NULL>]]]
at jogamp.opengl.x11.glx.X11GLXDrawableFactory$SharedResourceImplementation.createSharedResource(X11GLXDrawableFactory.java:326)
at jogamp.opengl.SharedResourceRunner.run(SharedResourceRunner.java:297)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748)
Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
at jogamp.opengl.GLContextImpl.makeCurrent(GLContextImpl.java:688)
at jogamp.opengl.GLContextImpl.makeCurrent(GLContextImpl.java:580)
at jogamp.opengl.x11.glx.X11GLXDrawableFactory$SharedResourceImplementation.createSharedResource(X11GLXDrawableFactory.java:297)
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dpb on 26 Feb 2021
Mathworks will support installation and startup issues. Contact support link; Answers forum is not an official support platform but a volunteer applications/usage forum.

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Sai Veeramachaneni
Sai Veeramachaneni on 2 Mar 2021
Try executing one of the following commands in debian shell to start MATLAB
  • matlab -nodesktop -r "opengl info, desktop"
  • matlab -softwareopengl
  • matlab -noopengl
Your issue might be similar to this know issue.
Contact support if above workaround doesn't work for you.


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